Introductory Guide to Grounding and Being Grounded (PDF)

What is grounding and why do we need it? If you have heard the term grounding being bantered around but is confused as to what it is and how it applies to you or is beneficial to you, this is a simple guide to help answer your questions about being grounded. Comes with simple grounding exercises that you can do easily on your own. Download now!

Amelia Kang

Festival and Programme Director

She started her music education at the age of 6 with the piano and extended into voice and the er-hu at the age of 12. By the time she graduated at 16 with an O level in Music, she was already a seasoned performer, having performed with Dunman High Chinese Orchestra, SBC Chinese Orchestra, City Chinese Orchestra and also numerous private recitals. As an Energy Intuitive, she has researched and worked on blending vibrational sounds of musical instruments with melodies, voice, channeled sounds and her healing energy. Her music reaches deep into the energetic core and facilitates the paradigm shifts that needs to happen there.

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Universe of Sound, Singapore.